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How perfume can affect your health



It is easy to think that the perfume we lightly spray onto ourselves can have no effect on our health. Surely, that beautiful smell we dab on, spray and walk through, or squirt on our necks is harmless, right? Unfortunately, research and evidence is now showing us that it is not so harmless, and can have many health implications.


Let’s start by having a think about how we love to use perfume and fragrances. 


We spray it onto ourselves, usually around the neck area, daily. We dab it directly onto our skin on pulse points like our neck (right onto our thyroids), behind our ears, and on our wrists. We mist it around our body like a forcefield (think about all of those times you use your Impulse-esk bottle of body spray and created a cloud of it around yourself!).


In our public spaces, bathrooms and in workplaces, we walk through scented mist sprayed over us on automatic pilot all day, every day through air fresheners.


Then, we enjoy lighting a scented candle when we come home, or perhaps an incense stick to create a soulful feel. Therefore we are inhaling these smells, ingesting them, and smothering them on our skin. They get INTO our body.


Then think about just what is that scent in your shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser, kids toys, car diffusers, bubble bath for your kids and even the cleaning products you use every week?


They all smell pleasant, but exactly what is in those scents?


Guess what? Currently, we will actually never know exactly. 


That’s right, perfumes and “fragrance” found in any products today are considered to be “trade secrets” or “secret formulas” and so the formulators and companies never have to reveal to us exactly what is in them. 


“This gorgeous, lovely word, ‘fragrance’ has become this bucket for the beauty industry, where beauty companies can hide pretty much any ingredient – including phthalates, parabens, known endocrine disruptors, anything toxic they don’t want to list on the label. What started as perfumers wanting to preserve their secret formulas has become this chemical dumping ground.” Gwyneth Paltrow

From research we now know that perfumes and fragrances are made up of hundreds of different petrochemical solvents derived from petroleum, are fully synthetic, and include known carcinogens (acetaldehyde, ethylene oxide). 


When the bottle has those images of roses and botanicals on them, those scents have been man-made and have no real rose in them at all. And many of these are tested on animals. 

Perfumes also contain phthalates, used to make them last longer and “stick” to us. Phthalates are known hormone disruptors, messing with everything from our weight, mood, immune system, to fertility and sex drive. 


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) listed 20 common perfume ingredients on the EPA's Hazardous Waste list, such as benzene, benzyl alcohol, limonene, acetone and ethanol. Many of these chemicals list headaches, nausea and other complications as side effects.

Now, of course our bodies are very good at detoxing themselves, and if our exposure to these synthetic chemicals was only from ONE product, like perfume, and nothing else, then we could handle it. 

However, in our modern world, our exposure is very high every single day and our bodies are struggling under this toxic load, and thus we are seeing increases in chronic diseases, many of which are related to our hormones. 


This reality is something that research and scientific studies have been unable to mimic to truly see the implications, which basically means we are the human experiment. Recently new perfume brands have entered the market that are formulated with “safe synthetics”. While this is a step forward, have a think; asbestos was once thought to be “safe”, BPA was once thought to be safe, and triclosan was once thought to be safe…..and we now know conclusively that they are not safe! So I like to err on the side of caution, and stick with 100% natural.


No wonder you may have noticed yourself sneezing after using perfume, or getting a headache or migraine when you use too much or someone near you uses too much, or perhaps a skin rash appears where you use it, or your asthma gets triggered, or you feel a little light-headed and queezy as you walk past a LUSH store or Chanel counter. 


You are being affected by the chemical cocktail that is perfume and fragrance. For these reasons, many people have stopped using perfume altogether to avoid the effects on their body.

We HAVE to reduce our exposure to these environmental toxins for our own health, the health of our children and families and the health of this planet.


Does this mean you can’t enjoy perfume anymore?


Of course not!


Natural perfumes avoid using ALL of these toxic and “suspect” ingredients. They formulate with 100% natural ingredients, and often use organic and biodynamic ingredients from around the world.

The quality of natural perfumes is LUXE and can easily take their place next to mainstream high end perfumes. 




The depth of scents, the quality of ingredients, the high quality packaging, various local and international brands, and the sensual experience of enjoying perfume is now being delivered by the best in Natural Perfumery. 


I am so passionate at the Natural Perfume Collective about providing you with a safe alternative that doesn’t compromise on the indulgent experience of wearing Perfume. There are NO FAKE SMELLS!

I created the Natural Perfume Collective with a desire to facilitate a genuine love for the body and the soul. I want to make finding your natural alternative to fragrance easy, enjoyable and as personal as your favourite signature scent.


You will also find there are natural and healthy alternatives for all of your “perfume” needs - whether that is candles, incense, room sprays and beauty products. The world of natural perfume and clean living has alternatives to everything, making it possible to detox your everyday environments to protect your long term health, the health of your family and our planet. 


We invite you to find your REAL signature scent with us at


Jessica Kiely


Natural Perfume Collective



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