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5 Natural and Easy Ways to Get a Better Night's Sleep

September 24, 2017

Having trouble getting a solid night's sleep? Perhaps you need to try some of my tips. I talk through them in depth in my video but for those who ain't got the time to watch I've listed them below the video. 



1. Get your pretty little hands on some herbs.


​Herbs are natural, multi functional and affordable. They also have very few (if any side effects) and can generally be used long term. My favourite sleep time hers are chamomile, lavender, kava and zizphyphus - just to name a few. I recommend you start with a steeped organic chamomile or lavender tea before going for the kava. 


Lavender in essential oil form is also really helpful. A few drops on your pillow or in your bath (if you're lucky enough to have one!) is a great way to activate your parasympathetic nervous system and prepare your body for a deep sleep. 


2. Eliminate electronics from the bedroom.  


Yep you heard me. Get rid of your phones (don't worry, they'll be there when you wake up), unplug your heaters, TV's etc,  remove your laptops and block out any street lights with thick blinds, curtains or an eye mask. Eliminating fake light (specifically "blue" light ensures you give your body accurate signals. You see, we're not as physiologically advanced as you'd think. Our bodies have simply not caught up with technology yet and they still think we're rising with the sun and sleeping just after sundown. How confused must our brain be when we flick a BRIGHT light on at 2am to check our Instagram... do you see where I'm going with this?


3. Cut out caffeine.


Now, before you feed me to the dogs I'm not saying go off the stuff all together - but perhaps don't have that second one in the afternoon if you're just not sleeping. Also consider all the additional caffeine you might be consuming mindlessly - so black and green teas, cacao (in chocolate or bliss balls) and even your decaf coffee. 


4. Supplement with good quality magnesium. 


I have to say, when things are really tough for a client and they're exhausted, adrenally depleted, unhappy and suffering from insomnia my number one supplement is magnesium. Magnesium is exceptional when it comes to restoring the nervous system, improving energy, enhancing muscle repair and growth and ensuring a good night's sleep. Always go for a good quality magnesium glycinate and when unsure get your tush to a good health food tore with an in-house naturopath who can guide you through your purchase. DO NOT BUY A CHEAPO BRAND. There's no point. 


5. Meditate.


Without sounding too "woo woo" - this shit is good. If you're struggling with a racing mind then 5 minutes every night (or even every second night) before bed will help to activate your parasympathetic nervous system - the one that settles your breath and calms you down - taking you out of that fight or flight mode from the day just gone. If sitting in silence is too hard for you then download and app like Headspace or Smiling Mind where you're supported with guided meditations. 


Have you got any other awesome tips that you swear by? I'd love to know! 


S x






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