Home-Cooked Meals - delivered to your door! 

Are you overwhelmed by a new food protocol your doctor/naturopath/the internet has suggested for you? 

Do you feel like you desperately need to reset your body with fresh, clean, nutritive foods?

Do you struggle to prepare or buy meals out that match your health protocol?


Let me help!

Sign up for a week of meals and experience complete nourishment without

 any of the hassle and stress that can get in the way of feeling your best. 

The Remedy Kitchen 5-Day Cleanse includes:

- 5 serves x organic Gut Restore Broth

- 1 x Grain-Free Loaf

- 5 x Green Alchemy Smoothies

- 5 serves x Slow Cooked Soup/Stew

- 1 x Breakfast option (choice between organic frittata OR grain-free granola)

- 5 x refined sugar-free, gluten free and dairy free treats.  

$495 + delivery


All ingredients/recipes are:  

- Gluten-free

- Refined sugar-free

- A1 casein-free (occasional goats feta included)

- Cleanse/detoxifiers for the liver

- Contain organic/pesticide-free vegetables

- Contain grass-fed, sustainably sourced meat and poultry

- Gut supportive














** This service is Sydney based only. 


+ delivery


$15 flat-rate within the Eastern suburbs

$25 additional cost for greater Sydney

* FREE if you pick up your meals

Order by 7pm on Tuesday for a Thursday delivery. 

My philosophy:

I believe that food must be cooked with a calm, conscious and nourishing mindset. 

When I cook for people, I always ensure that I bring awareness to what purpose the food must serve for you and your body. 

I’d love to work with you to bring more mindfulness and nourishment to the food you eat every day.