In a nutshell, this is a 8-Week Intensive Group Program with private one-on-one sessions designed to help you to understand how to nourish your body according to YOUR individual hormonal needs, fix issues with your menstrual cycle, empower you to reconnect with your feminine self, and develop a daily practice that shapes how you live your life!

  • Get organised + set your intentions for your health.

  • Hormonal Health SOS plan including fertility and thyroid support.

  • A deep cleanse and gut reset phase (includes nutrition/meal plans + weight management)

  • Exercise plans to nourish your body and soul.

  • Mindset, habits and mindfulness for success, health and happiness. 

  • How to beautify naturally + support your hormones.

  • Cycle rituals and syncing with your inner woman. 

  • Further testing and supplementation requirements.

"Steph's Bootcamp is one of the best decisions of my life. My PCOS has been a huge part of my life since I was 12, and finally, I can say I'm healing. I'm literally a different person."
- Lou

  • Are you ready to start making your health a priority and loving your body?

  • Have you been diagnosed with PCOS, endometriosis, hormonal acne, fertility issues, issues with the pill or other hormonal issues?

  • Do you feel at war with your body each month when your menstrual cycle comes around and things go haywire?

  • Do you just have no idea what to eat to balance your hormones, fix your acne, stop your menstrual cramping, bring back your cycle, heal your digestion, get pregnant?!

  • Do you want to bridge the gap between what your health looks like now and where you want it to be?

  • Are you ready to get rid of the negative self-talk, limiting beliefs and self-sabotage going around and around in your head?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, 
THIS program was created just for YOU!

PLUS Special limited access to two BONUS modules - Finding Your Feminine & Maintenance for Life


This is a 6-week intensive program for women who are ready to make BIG CHANGES in their life and their health. Throughout the 6 weeks, we will deep dive into nutrition, exercise, cycle rituals, hormonal balance, the science of the body, self-care practices, energetic healing and so much more!


  • 3 private 1:1 naturopathic consultations to determine and achieve health goals.

  • Expert Interviews and coaching with industry leaders on nutrition, exercise, naturalbeauty, hormones and more.

  • Access to the private Body Alignment Bootcamp Facebook group for the duration of the program.

  • Weekly educational LIVE group calls where I expand on learnings from the portal and you get to ask questions!

  • Access to the Alumni group for continued support once the program ends.​​

  • Educational and how-to videos to guide you through the program.

  • Worksheets, downloadables and checklists to help you develop a greater connection with your body.

  • Recipes and meal plans to support your hormonal healing, weight management and overall health.


"I never would have changed my diet without this Bootcamp"
- Kayla


Female Empowerment Coach and Photograper
MV Founder
Kinesiologist specialising in Spiral and Quantum Clearing
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Food and Mindset Coach
Yin and Restorative Yoga
Nutritionist and Plant-Based Specialist
PT and Coach at Women of Treign
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"Body Alignment Bootcamp came at the right time for me. Experiencing Endometriosis for over 15 years, I was finally looking for the clinical help I needed to make a nutritional change, take supplement support for my condition and find a practitioner that would help me to be empowered to take responsibility for my health and wellbeing. Steph, and her Bootcamp were amazing in helping me make huge changes while not feeling overwhelmed.


The Bootcamp provides logical, practical information each week, which is easily understandable and gives you the knowledge to understand why you’re doing what you’re doing in the program. Steph consistently makes herself available to the group to answer any questions and provide any guidance or support as needed.


Having a qualified Naturopath a message away is an unbelievable service all on its own. During the program, you will be asked to do guided self-inquiry, really looking at your behaviours, your patterns, what’s holding you back from living your best, healthy life, and by doing that work, alongside a gut cleanse and following Steph’s treatment protocol, was where I found the greatest shifts occurring.


By letting my mindset shift, by identifying my blocks and working through them, I could then find more self-conviction as to WHY I wanted a better, pain-free life and stick to my treatment plan. You will receive so many resources and get to take part in live calls with Steph and the group members, as well as informative videos from health experts. One of the best aspects of Bootcamp was the feeling of community that formed between the group members over the eight weeks, all encouraging each other and adding each of their own experience or tips along the way. I’m looking forward to continuing to experience the community vibe in the Alumni group."

Testimonial from Mel, 15 years of Endometriosis 


I know we're all at totally different points financially and for that reason, there are two payment options. Pay in full or pay in instalments. Remember this, beauty, when you energetically say YES to yourself, and do something that will support you to elevate into a new place in your life and health, you will be energetically supported.

Total Course Value $3500

OPTIONAL ADDITIONAL PACKAGE: 4 weeks of herbal supplementation + a supplement package to kick-start your treatment. $400

"I finally got my period! It took a year to get it last time I came off the pill!"
- Leah


Hi lovely, before you read on... I have a request. Read each sentence and then close your eyes and fully FEEL what you're reading. Embody it. Then decide if that's something that resonates with you... Here goes:

  • Imagine a world where you truly LOVED your body. You woke up each day feeling grateful for this incredible vessel, knowing that you are aligned and sure of exactly what it needs at any given moment.

  • Imagine no longer circulating negative feelings about your body, who you are, what you do, how you carry yourself. Instead, you love your curves, or bumps, or bones wholeheartedly because you are a complete WOMAN.

  • Imagine no longer dreading your period, feeling swollen, having sore breasts, feeling bloated and sluggish, feeling moody or depressed, and instead, your period just rolls around and then leaves again - another cycle completing and beginning with ease.

  • Imagine being able to cook beautiful, wholesome, healing recipes for you, your family and your loved ones. People would look on in awe at your amazing recipes and feel inspired by how you care for yourself. They'd ask you to share your knowledge!

  • Imagine setting goals for your health, your heart, your body and your life ACTUALLY achieving them. How would that feel?

  • Imagine walking around each day knowing you had carved out time to feel joy, gratitude and peace. Gone are the days of rushing around, killing yourself at the gym and scoffing down a lean cuisine. Instead, you have been able to stretch time and indulge in self-care, every single day.

  • Imagine having a deep understanding about your cycle, your hormonal health and being able to tap into its power when you needed it for a promotion, a date, a confrontation or even to feel confident in saying 'no'.

  • Imagine being on that date and radiating femininity and strength at the same time. The man or woman opposite you would be in awe.

  • Imagine knowing that for once in your life you put YOURSELF first and it paid off. Just imagine...

This is what the Body Alignment Program is all about. If you feel ready. Then don't delay it another second. Jump on a call and let's change your life!



The course is designed in a way that you can invest as little or as much time as possible. I recommend 2-3 hours a week to process and integrate the content. That said - I wholeheartedly believe that the more you put in the better your results will be! 



Absolutely! I have seen incredible results from the mum's on the Bootcamp - often they are the ones diving in head first and giving it their all. The course can also easily be adapted for families. 



Yes, I am happy to work with your GP or separately to ensure you get the testing required so that we can tailor your treatment plan.



After the initial payment, you can choose to leave it at that and just focus on dietary changes. However, I highly recommend you consider the recommended supplements and herbs to support your program. These can range from $25-$100. I am always focused on making this course as cost-friendly as possible! 



Yes! You're 100% in the right place to get your body into the perfect position to conceive. We focus on all aspects of hormonal health, gut health and detoxification. 



Yes! I'll tailor your whole plan to work around medications and current conditions. For anything of major concern, we will chat during the initial discovery call and make a decision together. 



I've seen results for women as early as 1-2 weeks. Some women get their cycles back on track after just four weeks. For some result are instant and for others, it may take a little longer. Rest assured, I'm with you every step of the way. 



"It’s period time ! 34 day cycle - the shortest I’ve had in five months!- Beth

Qualified Clinical Naturopath from ACNT.

Why am I the right woman for you?

Well, let me get real with you for a hot minute. Over the last 5-6 years I have been on an incredible health journey of my own. I struggled with borderline eating disorders in my teen years, I then worked through depression in my early 20s and eventually found myself in a corporate gig that left me completely depleted, digestively screwed and hormonally backwards. It was at this point that I walked into a Naturopaths clinic room and it hit me. THIS is where I'm meant to be.

Since then I have qualified as a naturopath and have been working through my own diagnosis of endometriosis and menstrual issues. I now feel amazing, balanced and prepared with how and what exactly triggers my conditions. I have dedicated my clinical practice to working with women who are like the person I used to be. I love nothing more than helping women find their confidence, love their bodies, UNDERSTAND what exactly is going on for them hormonally and embrace their incredible feminine POWER.

We are so much more complex than we allow ourselves to realise.

I can hand on my heart say, that I have transformed my life through unconditional self-care, choosing to honour my body, learning what exactly my body needs and embracing my cycle. This is what I can offer you. I am real, I am honest, I am imperfect but I'm also incredibly passionate, loving and nurturing. I want women to succeed because I think when we honour ourselves the collective consciousness of women rises beyond measure.


'I really can't recommend Steph highly enough! I reached out to her to address some hormonal issues I was experiencing and give my lifestyle and general health a bit of an overhaul. Within the first 10 minutes of my consultation, I wondered why I had waited so long - Steph really listened to my concerns and asked me a whole range of questions to quickly determine the problem areas and begin educating me on the steps we could actively take to improve them. I learnt more about my body in this short time than I have in my whole life! It was refreshingly easy to understand the info she was passing on and her approach is totally holistic - which was exactly what I needed to feel supported in my concerns and understand the bigger picture of balanced health. I've noticed a dramatic improvement in my health and wellbeing, and have also enjoyed using her meal prep guide and recipes every week to sustain these changes long term.
Worth her weight in gold! Thank you Steph x'


- Annie 

Steph is the real deal. Not only has she supported me with my hormonal conditions, she's also been an amazing support to me emotionally. She encouraged me to look into aspects of my spiritual and daily practice that I wasn't aware I had. I'm forever grateful to this beautiful woman for helping me love myself.



From the moment you speak to Steph, you know you're in safe hands! Steph is so thorough and easy to talk to, even when talking about the more awkward things (like gas!!). She clearly has an amazing wealth of knowledge, and an understanding of how health conditions affect each other. It's like Steph was with me every step of the way and I am so happy to have found a naturopath who is so caring and dedicated to helping improve my health. Thank you Steph!