This is a 3-month package to help keep you on track with your health goals with me as your naturopath and to continue all the amazing work you have completed throughout the BAB. We will set new goals together to help motivate and inspire you to move forward in all areas of your life. 



  • 3 x 1:1 Consultations 45 minutes in length (1 x month).

  • Goal setting and health coaching alongside current naturopathic treatment - we will do this in your first session.

  • Actionable steps and plans to get you to your goals.  

  • Support with emotional clearing using techniques like EFT and visualisation.

  • Access to herbs, supplements and naturopathic prescriptions. 

  • Weekly email support throughout the three months to answer questions, queries or for general support. 

  • 10% off any workshops or future BAB/TRK products. 

  • Continued communication with your chosen health pracitioners/providers to ensure cohesive treatment. 



I know we're all at totally different points financially and for that reason, there are two payment options. Pay in full or pay in instalments. If you'd like to pay in smaller instalments - this can be discussed. 


$399 one-off payment OR three monthly payments of $140 


(when paying in instalments - as small fee is added due to transaction fees)



SPECIAL - For every woman you refer to the BAB program that purchases a spot, I will give you $75 off your package!




I have created this package because I want you to continue blossoming and evolving, and I want to keep sharing my learnings around both naturopathic and energetic healing with you. This is the best way that you can stay accountable, stay on track and continue to better your health. 

Qualified Clinical Naturopath from ACNT.

Why am I the right woman for you?

Well, let me get real with you for a hot minute. Over the last 5-6 years I have been on an incredible health journey of my own. I struggled with borderline eating disorders in my teen years, I then worked through depression in my early 20s and eventually found myself in a corporate gig that left me completely depleted, digestively screwed and hormonally backwards. It was at this point that I walked into a Naturopaths clinic room and it hit me. THIS is where I'm meant to be.

Since then I have qualified as a naturopath and have been working through my own diagnosis of endometriosis and menstrual issues. I now feel amazing, balanced and prepared with how and what exactly triggers my conditions. I have dedicated my clinical practice to working with women who are like the person I used to be. I love nothing more than helping women find their confidence, love their bodies, UNDERSTAND what exactly is going on for them hormonally and embrace their incredible feminine POWER.

We are so much more complex than we allow ourselves to realise.

I can hand on my heart say, that I have transformed my life through unconditional self-care, choosing to honour my body, learning what exactly my body needs and embracing my cycle. This is what I can offer you. I am real, I am honest, I am imperfect but I'm also incredibly passionate, loving and nurturing. I want women to succeed because I think when we honour ourselves the collective consciousness of women rises beyond measure.


'I really can't recommend Steph highly enough! I reached out to her to address some hormonal issues I was experiencing and give my lifestyle and general health a bit of an overhaul. Within the first 10 minutes of my consultation, I wondered why I had waited so long - Steph really listened to my concerns and asked me a whole range of questions to quickly determine the problem areas and begin educating me on the steps we could actively take to improve them. I learnt more about my body in this short time than I have in my whole life! It was refreshingly easy to understand the info she was passing on and her approach is totally holistic - which was exactly what I needed to feel supported in my concerns and understand the bigger picture of balanced health. I've noticed a dramatic improvement in my health and wellbeing, and have also enjoyed using her meal prep guide and recipes every week to sustain these changes long term.
Worth her weight in gold! Thank you Steph x'


- Annie 

Steph is the real deal. Not only has she supported me with my hormonal conditions, she's also been an amazing support to me emotionally. She encouraged me to look into aspects of my spiritual and daily practice that I wasn't aware I had. I'm forever grateful to this beautiful woman for helping me love myself.



From the moment you speak to Steph, you know you're in safe hands! Steph is so thorough and easy to talk to, even when talking about the more awkward things (like gas!!). She clearly has an amazing wealth of knowledge, and an understanding of how health conditions affect each other. It's like Steph was with me every step of the way and I am so happy to have found a naturopath who is so caring and dedicated to helping improve my health. Thank you Steph!